Thursday, February 17, 2005

Three quick links - Web2 calendaring and mapping

Want to capture these though I don't have time to comment right now.

1) JWZ aka Jamie Zawinski of Netscape (past) and DNA Lounge (present) on "Groupware, Bad!" and the perils of not getting your customers laid... I found this via the peripatetic Tim Bray.

2) A guy I never heard of before, JGWebber (Joel), who I found via JWZ's site. He has a very detailed analysis of the nutz n boltz driving Google Maps, which incidentally was created by a friend of a friend. Under the radar, Google is doing a lot of hiring-by-acquiring in the Bay Area. About a year ago, I told this guy that he was totally wrong to be working on this project. So much for my omnipotent authority (re: another forthcoming post on that subject...)

3) A company I never heard of before, SandCodex, which has some interesting interface and mapping technology. Well, the demo is cool, anyway. I got this from JGWebber's site.

That is an example of the extended conversation... Maybe I should revisit for this kind of thing.

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