Monday, August 31, 2009

Running a business and blogging is usually a zero-sum game

While there are definitely exceptions to the rule -- exceptions whom I would love to emulate -- in general it seems to be true that most serious executives at Silicon Valley startups have very little time for blogging. My personal experience is that it's also quite difficult to blog about the most interesting topics raised by startup life. Either the item is somehow closely tied to some proprietary insight or information, or the item will complicate a relationship with a major partner. Since we have *many* major partners at Zvents throughout the local Internet space, I am particularly sensitive to the latter.

I literally have at least a dozen topics of both business neutrality and general interest stuck on my bulletin board to get onto Onotech in the next few months. Perhaps I'll have time, or perhaps it will be a few months yet before I find an occasion to write again. In any case, rest assured that things are going very well at Zvents in the meantime.


Psych Nairo said...

very true! Hard balance to maintain. Thanks!

Anita said...

Informative! Thanks