Monday, February 12, 2007

PowerSchwag from PowerSet

I went to the PowerSet funding party on Saturday. It was the best party I can remember since that Scient/Viant guy flew in a 747 full of flowers, rented out Treasure Island, and shot off fireworks in February 2000. I was having a housewarming party in the Berkeley hills that same evening, and we got a great aerial lights show for free.

Click the photo for schwag commentary. Here was the haul:


By far the most memorable event was one of their investors (Peter Thiel?) reading a lengthy poem about the history of search - which was surprisingly inclusive, mentioning Altavista, Inktomi, Excite, Yahoo, Ask, etc. Lots of mockery of the dropped ball of Yahoo and the failed NLP promise of Ask; and the punch line to the whole thing, which I am doing no poetic justice to whatsoever, was something like,

"We'll know we've succeeded when Google's best guess,
will be to say I don't know, so go ask PowerSet."

I'm assuming that their codebase will be better than their rhymes.

Mike Arrington posted and linked to some video, and for more flava, I am sure there are tons of action shots on Flickr.

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