Friday, August 11, 2006

Terrorism <> Iraq

The single biggest anti-terrorist success since 9/11 happened over the past few days, as the British, U.S., and Pakistani governments rolled up an apparently widespread conspiracy.

Latest Headline: "19 Suspects Are Identified in Britain"

How was this success achieved? Police work and international cooperation.

Iraq is the single biggest disaster since 9/11.

Latest Headline: "Blast Kills 35 Iraqis at Shiite Shrine in Najaf"

How was this failure achieved? Traditional military force and unilateralism.

The future is all about networks and fourth-generation warfare. When we recognize this, we win. When we don't we fail.

Why is Israel so determined to fail in Lebanon?

Latest Headline: "Israel Expands Offensive in Lebanon"

The Iraq model is a failure. The entire right-wing war machine that promoted it is now focused on justifying a lost cause.

Meanwhile, fighting terrorism works.
And there are many important, obvious, sensible, anti-terrorist policies to be pursued, revolving around police work, international cooperation, and creating networks of peace and stability.

Let's get to work.

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