Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Microsoft: Crimes Against the English Language

It's not just humanities PhDs who write incomprehensible tripe...

Nortel and Microsoft Form Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Transformation of Business Communications: Shared vision for unified communications to drive new growth opportunities for both companies.

The title of that press release has 25 words and 171 characters, for an average word length (aka bullsh*t index) of 6.84. The first paragraph, complete with obligatory soulless handshake photo:

scores a slightly-better-but-still-horrific 6.07.

Contrast that to the gold standard for communicating meaning without baloney, Winston Churchill. The famous final paragraph of his 1940 "We shall fight on the beaches" speech scores a 4.3. Recalling that the word 'the' scores a 3, that's astonishing.

Microsoft, you still have a lot of work to do. Nortel, I'm surprised to discover you're still in business.

Back to the revolution...

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