Thursday, June 22, 2006

Zvents 2.0 is launching today

By the time you read this, Zvents 2.0 should be up and running.

Right now, hitting our site gives you this message, a portent of good things to come:

What's new and improved about this version of Zvents?

* Improved search relevance -- when you've got thousands of events in a metro area, relevance becomes a key to happy users. Our results are materially better than before, and we're committed to continuous improvement for relevance.

* Category navigation - refine or browse to events by category, reducing time and effort to find what you're looking for.

* Embeddable calendars are now CSSable version 2, vastly improved - a live example of a 1.5 version is Visit Marin.

* Much faster, lighter code -- less than 1/2 the size -- means faster response times.

* Improved navigation and look and feel

You'll also notice that we've got less features, not more -- we're running against the "features are king" silliness of Web 2.0 here, but we think that great design means focusing on what matters most.

Coming in the next 30 days - major customer announcements, plus bonus fun stuff!

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