Monday, November 07, 2005

Scoble asks what you call 'em? Raw Potatoes!

Scoble asks what you call things like Flickr, Microsoft Gadgets, Google Maps, Amazon Affiliate parts.

I’ve been struggling to communicate with others what the new Internet ecosystem is made up of and it hit me a few minutes ago.

They are Internet Connected Components.

Hear me out.

When you go to Kayak Buzz or Zvents, what do you see? Two ICCs. One is a Google Map. Another is a AdSense bar...

...I think we need a non-branded name to generically refer to these things. What do you think?
Here's my proposal: raw potatoes. Why? Because they're what you mash up.

If you call 'em rawpotatoes (no space) you can create a nice searchable tag/phrase that doesn't currently mean anything else. When's the last time you saw a search result this empty?

Hats off to Chris Law for reserving the URL already. I'm sure he'll be happy to build it as an open community resource for Web 2.0 just like he's done with WSFinder.

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