Friday, December 17, 2004

The three-axis auto-match and

I met my girlfriend, Andrea, through, and thus I view the capabilities of such matching services in a fairly positive light. However, onece one sets out on the quest of finding across distance that "perfect someone" via multilple search categories, one must commit to the notion that an ever-more-perfect search mechanism will yield ever-more-perfect results.

The previous post on Matt Jones' bookshelf and my forthcoming post on location-based blogging beg the question -- what are fast and easy ways to identify whether someone is likely your type? I would argue that you can analyze three axes and get very good results on the interesting-conversation front, and probably the I-want-to-date-you front as well:

1) Personal: Height/weight/gender/gender preference/availability. Just the basics.
2) Bookshelf: What do you have on yours?
3) Geo-log -- where have you been, and how much time have you spent there?

Voila. A whole new way of doing dating.

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