Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Types of Social Gatherings

Brainstorming with Andy about different types of social gatherings and their purposes.
This is neither complete nor fully sorted. (DRAFT)

Sports --> Teams get together to compete, fans get together to be entertained and vicariously compete.
House party --> people get together to socially network, which is fun.
Conference --> Information exchange and social networking
Bazaar --> Buying and selling; commerce.
"Activities" --> pleasurable activity -- like dinner (tasty) skiing (fun) hiking (fun and exercise)
"Activities" (b) --> Practice - increase skill for performance or competition
Performance (e.g. symphony) --> expertise/skill (of players) pleasure (of audience)
Cause --> result (fundraiser, politics, etc.)
Collaboration --> work/task
Education --> information exchange only (vs. +social NW of conference)
Interfaces (Waltzbot/DDR; karate-bot; musical instruments that are net-enabled and data-capture-laden)

Types of outputs of work/collaboration:
--> document
--> object a car, a chair, a house)
--> idea (this brainstorm... if we didn't write it down - docs are frozen ideas)
--> other action (e.g. Karl Rove gets you to vote Republican; his action begets your action)
--> performance? How does practicing for a play fit in? What is created there?

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